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Weekly ST 4

In a text conversation with a man she met online, when the man says he loves the way she looks, the woman writes: “But will you love my mind?” FAIL I’m less interested in your mind than in your soul and spirit. WIN (cheeky) Probably not. I’m a shallow prick who’s only interested in looks:-) WIN

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Weekly ST 3

Elections are coming up, and the woman says: “Don’t tell me you’re voting [Democrat/Republican]” (fill in the blank) FAIL Well, I’m really not sure yet. I try to vote for the most moderate candidate. I like to be middle of the road. Does that bother you? FAIL If she’s Republican: So you’re telling me you

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Weekly ST 2

At a party or a bar, the woman teases a guy with, “Sorry, I need a guy who takes charge.” FAIL You’re really high maintenance, aren’t you? WIN Rightly so. A man should be a man. WIN Do something, in a playful, even exaggerated way, that demonstrates you can take charge. Like tell her which

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Weekly ST 1

In a text conversation with a man she met online, the woman writes: “I used to be a party animal until I got old.” Sample responses: FAIL Are you older than you appear in your picture? WIN Same here. WIN We all have to grow up some time. What makes a man pass and what

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“Whiplash” Shit Test

I recently saw the excellent film Whiplash and noticed a Shit Test that the female interest of the main character gives on their first date. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler.) It falls in the category of “Physical Shit Test,” which you can read about in Survival of the Shittest. She tells him that her

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